• High Tech Party meets Low Tech Attack


    So last night the GrilledCheezGuy’s and I (does that work?) were all psyched for the big party for the Apple geeks coming together to share their apps and daps with each other.  The party was supposed to a be a big bash and everything and we were hella prepared to say the least.  But that night reminded us you really can’t be prepared for anything.  Well you can be overprepared for some things likes alleged hordes of buyers that are going to come, but you can not be prepared for this.

    Our spot for the gig just happened to be half inside and half outside a rollup garage on Stevenson Street.  My car got to be treated like VIP and surrounded by a barricade for the evening only feet away from our set up.  Everything was cheesy for a good hour (well not cheesy as in selling sammies) until my fellow GrilledCheezGuy came up to me and said something about a guy next to the gate that is stabbed.  I walked over to see what was going on and a man in a wheelchair was holding his side and his jacket was soaked in blood.  Never have I seen a stabbed man up close, although I have seen some ghastly things in hospitals, and I called for the bouncer to call 911.  We stood and half cooked half gawked as the man went into somewhat of shock as the cops and paramedics finally arrived.  The man was taken away to the hospital after an orderal of removing his bloody jacket and leaving it on the floor for a while (and later getting many photographs as part of the crime scene), cops searching and interviewing my buddy and the staff, and looking for clues and waiting to hear how he was doing in the hospital, all while we were supposed to be selling food.  Needless to say many a curious techy wanted to know what was going on behind us.  I kept the truth from them for the sake of the sammy.

    Lesson learned? No matter how high tech you are, you are never quite prepared for what someone in the back of the party might come at you with.  Watch out for knives (and bricks).



    PS – We did get a handful of awesome prizes like these gloves that you can use with touch screens (@TheAgloves), this LEGO Iphone case (helllllla sweet), and this Ipad wireless keyboard docking station.  They made us somewhat forget what we saw that night, somewhat.

    My prayers are with the man who was stabbed.  The article is here: Stabbing in SF

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