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    So this year appears to be the year everyone around me thought it would be good to tie the knot.  Since I previously from Florida and New Jersey (equally actually) I had some traveling to do in my old stomping grounds.  I know I am privalged to be from such different and unique areas of the US, because it means I get to enjoy various culinary experiences that are unique to that area.  I know the minute I touch down in the south that biscuits and gravy are just waiting for me to find them.  And when I go to the north pizza and bagels and hoagies of the finest caliber are all waiting for my calling!

    So I thought it would be fine to have a picture slideshow of just some of the food I enjoyed in FL and the tri-state area.

    Enjoying lobster in Florida.  Ironic I know…..

    So just last week I was at a beer release for Churchkey Can Company and their hipster beers.  The beers require a can opener which is going to be basically piss off a lot of drunks and amuse no one.  While serving sammies there, I heard a girl say she was from NY.  I said I was from NJ.  She said she was actually from NJ too.  Funny.  Then I say where.  She says Princeton.  I then tell her I am from Montgomery b/c it is one town over and she will know it.  She freaks out and says she is actually from Montgomery, too.  Small world and funny how us little town folk wanna say we are from NYC.  Anyway, Hoagie Haven is in Princeton, NJ and makes the best hoagies and is open late and has been a time honored tradition.  BTW, they are opening a pizza joint and have a chicken joint next door already open to make a Tic-Tac-Toe on mainstreet P-town.

    This is what you are served on your wedding night in NJ.  Not sure if this is a regional thing.  I think it’s more an every-hotel-thing.  Still, nice job Westin.

    A mint julip at 11 Madison Park in NYC.  I was recommended this place for my 30th bday by a chef in State Bird Provision in SF.  It was a nice place, but surprised to see it as #10 best restaurant in the world.  I would put Manresa and French Laundry in front if it anyday.

    Food Bus.  Food BUS!

    Grilled Cheese sliders? They also had a drink called “The 1%”.  And the smallest pool I have ever seen.

    Food T-shirts are so hot right now in NYC!

    Chelsea Market is like the Ferry Building of SF, but more NYC and a tad more cooler to me.  Sorry SF, just sayin.  I got some ghost pepper salt there.  Trouble ahead for someone.

    The grilled cheese stand at Chelsea Market, NYC.

    2 Meatballs. 1 Cup.  Only in NYC.

    A clever menu for pizza’s at a gay bar in NYC.  Highly recommend Boxers NYC Sports Bar.

    Toally un-food related but if you ever go to NYC, go to the Skyline parkway.  I read about it on LaughingSquid and finally made it out to it this trip.  Check out the zoo!

    Stone crab is most definitely my favorite crab there is.  My family has been getting it from the back of some guy’s truck in Juno, FL for YEARS now.  It’s an amazing treat every season.

    The cooler of stone crab the man sells in the lot.  Grrrrrrrrrreat deal if you are ever in my town.

    The best picture of all.  The freshest food of all.  Freshly caught fish in FL.  Yellowtail and mangrove snapper, triggerfish, some grunts and alllllll mine.  We had a great feast for my 30th.

    Always fun to enjoy these feasts with the friends and family I have in these wonderful states.  I highly recommend a visit to each.



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