• Day 5: 6 days left.

    How is that title possible?  Well, just like LOST I got a way to play with time.  (Eat that D. Farraday).  I will now attempt to catch up on my life of cheese and food and planning and every other out-of-left field thing I can remember.   Since I am currently battling the epic battle that is carpal tunnel I am contractually required to keep it short and sweet.  Luckily that means I am going to post short and post fast to try and catch up with my promise of posting on a daily basis.

    Let me say on this very manic Monday that I feel good and great about this attempt at keeping my title amongst this surge of food fantacism that is sweeping the nation!  Professional chefs!!! Crazed costumed worshippers!!!! Vendors!!!!  Oh my!  I only hope that in the end it is that final flavor of this competition that really holds through, and that is victory.  Victory for the attempt at making what the category asks for.

    If you want to taste a sandwich that reminds you of the essence of the American icon sandwich then I hope you get to true my Missionary masterpiece.  Here, I do not create anything new, only master the foundation of the GC.  Literally, brick by brick.

    If you ask me what karma sutra and grilled cheese means, I can say this.  This means a grilled cheese sandwich goes to the very extremes of what a grilled cheese sandwich is.  When you look at it, if you dare, you will see what a twisted form of the thing you know.  It has reminded people of many things.  Grilled cheese. McDonald’s.  Amazing.  Cheesy.  Crazy Shit.  Downright ballsy. It’s a cacheeese with cahones, pronounced and alluding to it’s part homage: the caprese.  The rest will be revealed at the showcase showdown.  For now, it was on this day that I registered with these two names that will hopefully ring from cheese to shining cheese.

    Brick’s Trick (Missionary Position)

    The Ballsy Boy (Karma Sutra)

    Next Year* (Honey Pot)

    Now in the other-verse.

    (next year is not a sandwich it means I am not entering this category.  I just wanted to give a head’s up I gotz some ideas.)

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  1. antemoWet says:

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.

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