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Santipapas or Brown Dog Mustard or Kama Food Labs?

Why does everyone I love and recently met in the food scene suddenly enter the same contest? Only Cheesus Crust himself knows that answer.

In the meantime, take a moment to cast your vote and help one of these amazing vendors get a grant from Whole Foods! This one is a tough call for me.  I literally eat a whole jar of that red salsa in one sitting…..and it’s pretty hot.  The mustard is some of the best I have ever had and has been pairing so well with our grilled cheeses.  Then closing out the trio we have Kama Food Lab, a brand new small business that just so happens to be working right next to me at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio.  They also JUST SO HAPPEN to do a lot of Indian fusion stuff and it JUST SO HAPPENS if you follow me you know that I am a true addict.  I have told him to keep me a sandwich everyday from now on.  (Hope he reads this.)


UPDATE: As I was writing this I notice that depending on the link there are different groups going up against each other.  In some situations my favorite three were not competing.  Thank the Hunger Games!  Vote for all 3!

Vote for Santipapas here!

Vote for Brown Dog Mustard here! Or Kama Food Lab!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!

Hungry_Games TEES2 (1)

This is a big National Grilled Cheese month for us America.

We have been called in for the final Grilled Cheese Invitational.

The final battle of the butters, cheeses, and breads.

In honor of four years fighting to win 9 total trophies,

we are asking this year for you to help sponsor us as Tribute.

Tributes of District 510 Oakland, and all of America.

So enjoy my film the Hungry Games and the donate to our Indiegogo!

Get a grilled cheese coupon! Get a spatula! Get our newest shirt!  

Get us moving towards LA and grilled cheese victory!

é by josé andrés: The Definition of Secret Dining

Ignorance is bliss.  Foodie ignorance is not only bliss, it is a large savings on the old wallet.   Food is so hot right now (and other temps too).   With popups, underground dinners, and other unique foodie occasions to find out and choose from you could eat everyday at something new/temporary/secret/once/etc.  My most recent and epic adventure involved scoring reservations to the restaurant within the restaurant of Jaleo by Chef Jose Andres in Las Vegas.

My young and early adopted foodie boyfriend wanted to do his birthday in Vegas so I looked up the rules to the game.  3 months in advance to the day.  That happened to fall on the weekend we would be spending in beautiful San Luis Obispo for their SLO’s Rockin Harvest Weekend.   That summed up to a Saturday with tents and tents of different wines being poured AND paired with a small bite from a local restaurant.  This set up I must say now is the BEST WAY EVER to satisfy your foodies and their foodie faces.  Lines stayed moderate because you had enough to step away for a bit and chomp and sip down the bites.  Us not being your typical foodie took this to the extreme of course and ended up walking dead drunk style to the beach across the street to work all that off.    The stray in the story is only to mention and promote that beautiful and wonderful event that I could not recommend more.  The only problem is lack of cell phone service and even moreso a lack of love for technology in general in that area.  That became a problem when I had to fax my signature and bank info and all the other secrets needed to score my reservations for E, the secret feast I heard lies somewhere inside Jaleo.  You start with a very sexy and simple card and end in wonder.

I know as we were guest 9,300 and 9,301 to this secret and amazing time and were served by the chef and his team privately and exclusively alongside 6 other guests.  With only 6 guests and 9,301 total people having visited, you wouldn’t think the odds of having a couple you meet there be a big Grilled Cheese Invitational fan and has seen your cheesy glory.  But it happened, and before we event sat down we had become chummy and chatty with our fellow diners while waiting at a table outside in the main Jaleo area.

The rest of the meal I will present only with photos and names from the menu as I want to still keep some of the fun of the food and the experience secret.  I know that the menu does change somewhat although some classics have stayed since the room’s inception.  Our Chef was an outstanding man who was happy to share stories and answer all my technical questions about many of the molecular gastronomy tricks we enjoyed.

I especially was relieved when he told me the secret behind the famous red shoe served croquettes outside in the main restaurant.  I mentioned to him that I had some back and forth Twitter chat with none other than Chef Jose Andres himself about how to make them and how they just weren’t holding together no matter how rough I got with my rue.  As part-French man, I was ashamed at my food making failure until the chef mentioned that a little gelatin goes a long way for them.  I enjoyed hearing this little gem was helping gel theirs together better than ours.  I look forward to trying it out again and showing them off in one of my favorites soles!

If this amazing meal was not enough, at the end Chef mentioned that there was a gift left specifically for me as well.   That gift turned out to be the “Made In Spain” cookbook that was personally autographed by Chef Jose himself!  I am still smiling as I write and share this story with you as it is an honor to have someone that I idolize and respect in my home and in my kitchen do such a nice gesture.   The dinner is one I will never forgot for the adventure and wonder it brought together with food, people, and a very secret fun place.

Thank you again chefs!  I hope to bring home the final grilled cheese ultimate trophy in April and celebrate at Bazaar!  Stay tuned!

é by josé andrés, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Photo Jan 30, 5 40 20 PM

Truffle Mist

Truffle Mist

Photo Jan 30, 5 43 32 PM Photo Jan 30, 5 43 38 PM

Apple "Brazo de Gitano"

Apple “Brazo de Gitano”

Photo Jan 30, 5 48 46 PM

Nitro Almond Cup

Nitro Almond Cup

Photo Jan 30, 5 52 52 PM



Photo Jan 30, 5 59 10 PM

"El Vermut"

“El Vermut”



Crispy Chicken Skin en Ecabeche

Crispy Chicken Skin en Ecabeche

Photo Jan 30, 6 14 22 PM

Cava Sangria

Cava Sangria

"Fabes" Con Jamon

“Fabes” Con Jamon

Lobster with Citrus & Jasmine

Lobster with Citrus & Jasmine

Photo Jan 30, 6 29 17 PM

Foie Gras with Black Truffle

Foie Gras with Black Truffle

Photo Jan 30, 6 37 07 PM Photo Jan 30, 6 42 01 PM

Kokotxas al Pil-Pil

Kokotxas al Pil-Pil

Photo Jan 30, 6 45 07 PM

Lamb with Truffle & Mamia

Lamb with Truffle & Mamia

Santa Cadea with Cotton Candy

Santa Cadea with Cotton Candy

Crema Catalana Egg

Crema Catalana Egg

After Eight Timbal

After Eight Timbal

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher



More Things!

More Things!

Autographed Cookbook

Autographed Cookbook


Behind the Cart: BTC @ SEA



I am proud to announce the return of our underground dinner series with a storytelling twist. After 2 years of silence we return to serve you a meal and some stories aboard a private boat.   I’m honored to be cooking and chatting alongside some of the most talented people in the food and seafood industry.

From Kirk of Sea Forager to Eddie Dick formally of Nopa and Kitchit, each person is bringing amazing local and sustainable seafood to the dinner along with some sea tales and songs along the way.

We will have two seatings at 5:30 and 8:30 pm sharp on March 22nd, 2014.

Music by: Fishwives Trio

Many fun seafaring surprises for all that dine with us! Look forward to seeing you there!

Tickets & Additional Info:


Grilled Cheese Pop Up Berkeley (Friday Night)

Come make your OOOOHHHH face like these previous cheese fans from last month.

Due to our special Chaos Cooking event going down Saturday night, we will only be serving in Berkeley on this Friday (2/21).  Spots are still available for the Saturday night event though!

See you Friday from 7-close at Fred’s Deli & Market on Telegraph and Dwight!

PS – Tickets on sale FRIDAY for BTC @ SEA!  Our first underground dinner on a boat in SF!

A Vote a Day keeps the Annoying Post Blasts Away!

Intuit is at it again with another small business contest.   I’m not going to push this one too hard b/c we are in the works of a mini mini crowdfunding campaign that is coming out shortly in preparation for the Grilled Cheese Invitational’s Final Act.

Still, if you can save and bookmark and set a daily Outlook reminder to vote for us daily at Intuit you can help us win $5,000 buckaroos in marketing mula.  Definitely could help us get the word out and spread our cheesy love all over the brie area!

Link to vote:

GCG for Intuit

Thanks in advance!


Hungry Games 2014: Save the Date

The biggest day of my cheesy life is coming.  The final Grilled Cheese Invitational comes to L.A for the last time on April 12th, 2014.  We will be putting on the biggest goodbye fanfare show since that basketball player slapped Justin Bieber in a Starbucks (which the net says isn’t true).

So mark your calendars.  Save the date.  Get ready for new sandwiches.  New T-shirts.  New logos.  New cheesiness from all of us here at GrilledCheezGuy.

Going? Let us know so we can hook u up with a T-shirt and samples during the event!



Fist Of Flour Gone Brick N Mortar (and Tastier)

For all of those still not in the loop, our fellow food vendor Fist of Flour has got his own spot now in the Laurel District of Oakland.  I was fortunate enough to get to scarf down a few pies during Friends and Family night and I have to admit the pizza tastes even better to me.  Seems more East coast then before.  Definitely worth a visit and as always….tell him the GrilledCheezGuy sent ya!

Press Release


Where: 4166 MacArthur Blvd. at Maybelle, East Oakland.
When: January 15, 2014 5 PM Grand Opening
Fist of Flour is celebrating the Grand Opening of its Doughjo!
Fist of Flour’s first brick and mortar location opens its doors to the public on Wednesday,
January 15, 2014 at 5 PM.
Now, fans of Fist of Flour’s mobile pizza trailer can find their favorite gourmet, thin crust
pizzas in two sizes in one location every Wednesday through Sunday from 5 PM to 9 PM.
The “Initial Pizza Offering (IPO) menu” and phone number will be released on Wednesday,
January 15 at 4 PM on, Facebook and Twitter. There will be 15” large
and 20” extra large pies in several combinations, with prices ranging from $14 to $32, as
well as a “build your own” list of ingredients for customized pizzas. Several varieties of
salads and sodas round out the menu.
The Doughjo will have counter tops to stand at for a quick slice, and take away service
only, no delivery.
Fist of Flour Pizza Company has been in operation since 2010 as a local mobile woodfired
oven catering company. It specializes in gourmet thin crust pizzas made with mostly
organic, pesticide free, locally-sourced ingredients. Pizzas made at the Doughjo will be
created from scratch and baked in traditional gas-fired ovens for the same great pizza
taste Fist of Flour’s fans know and love.
Fist of Flour Pizza Debuts its first Doughjo
For immediate release
January 13, 2014
Media inquiries: James Whitehead, Owner or 510-717-1609
Facebook: Fist-of-Flour-Pizza-Company
Twitter: @fistofflour

A special thanks to him for hooking us up with the people behind Cheesemonger Invitational 2014.   One cheese brotha helping out anotha!

The Future of Food is Here!

Dish by Matt Burger

Dish by Matt Burger

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Foodie Folk of all kinds! One of my favorite foodie trends of 2013 was the low tech of high tech!

The next gen of cooking you have been waiting for is already here!  It’s right below your nose and right inside your kitchen.  We just didn’t know it.

Turns out those robots you have been using for one thing (Dishwasher, Coffee Maker, and now…..Hair Dryer) haven’t been telling you the whole truth.  It appears their off label use is also cooking (It’s just kitchen brands don’t sell things like Glaxosmithkline and friends).  These secret settings have actually been known by special moms, cooks, and crazy people throughout history, but it takes the internet for everyone to find out.

Now that you know them, the sky is the limit!

Someone already cooking in the kitchen? Heat that pizza in the bathroom while freshening up for a night on the town!

About to start a load of dishes?  Make a mason jar meal so that the dishwasher is the only thing empty at the end of that cycle.

Ready for your morning cup-o-joe? Well stuff some other shitty shmo in there after to complete that breakfast of champions.

As much as I mock these new tools of the trade, I admit that the brick technology I have bestowed on all who have had one of our sandwiches comes from this same lineage.  It was my grandmother escaping the Natzi’s and whatnots who learned about this secondary use for bricks and brought it to our country.  Like my dishwasher, I never knew what powers that brick sitting in our pantry really possessed until she passed them onto me.   And I you.  And you to every perfect grilled cheese sandwich you make.

Remember, no soap and poach and soups and hair dyers don’t mix!

Happy New Year,

GCHEEZG – as the plates say.


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NPR – Hair Dryer Cooking: From S’mores To Crispy Duck

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