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July 13th, 2016: Big Cheesy Changes Ahead

When the blog & the calendar is most silent, it means we are grilling our hardest.  There are plenty of big things to mention so I will do that in a nice simple and exciting list form! Here we go.

  1. NEW WEBSITE – Yes it is true.  I am excited to work alongside some of Oakland’s brightest and active youth at Hack the Hood to help build GrilledCheezGuy more of a website than this here blog thingy.  It will be the same name, but I am hoping a lot more functional and pretty for all you to enjoy.  I definitely plan on keeping a blog and updating it more like I always say, but this web site will definitely be more business detailed and focused as we take on more catering & pop-up event demands.  I am going to try and capture the web site making process with Hack the Hood both here and via social media so stay tuned for that.  My first 1 on 1 session with my student is next week.
  2. NEW KITCHEN – Also true.  Temporarily we are in Oakland at Uptown Kitchen which is wonderful.  Karen & Mark are great people that I have known for a while and it’s great to be there temporarily and see all the success they have had with the Sound Room and the soon to be Sound Room Cafe.  After that, and very, very soon we hope to announce where our next official kitchen is.  Wherever it is it will be great and allow us to bring you a lot more great thing catering wise and at Off the Grid!
  3. NEW BUSINESS – Lastly but not leastly we are hoping to launch our last and final “Guy” sandwich series by the end of the year.  This is a long, ongoing process of trying to source the best of everything to make the best gosh-darn sandwiches the bay area can offer you all.  We hope to start sharing some secret shots and sandwich names with you soon.  A big launch party will go down in the new kitchen with everyone invited.

These three things are the newest and most important things to mention.  The demand for business has never been greater and we thank each and everyone of you for the support.  The calendar is update for the rest of July so come stop by and say hi and have some grub with us.  The next time I have an update it will probably be August 12th timeframe when the new website goes LIVE!





2 Year Anniversary from Scientist to GrilledCheezGuy comes alongside my second ever podcast interview about the life of being cheesy.  The podcast is called Extra Small Biz and it was Extra Big Fun to chat with Amie about my experience thus far.  The release of the episode comes out on my birthday AND the anniversary of 2 years going full time with the business.  I am shocked and humbled at our success and your continued support and reviews of us.   I am in the works of opening up our first little shop hopefully in SF so stay tuned for that news very very soon.  In the meantime, check out this Extra Small Biz interview with myself and Amie and relax to the soothing sounds of our little Q&A session together.

From Scientist to Grilled Cheese – The Grilled Cheez Guy – 006 (one away from 007!)

And yes there is a big cheesy winner for the Portland contest.  But like all parts of being an Extra Small Biz it is taking me time to get it all set up.  Big congratulations to Rachel Greenberg for being the one who is one day soon go to Portland and TillaMUCK it up in Oregon country.


But before National Grilled Cheese Day comes National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day on April 2nd, 2016!

National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

The next time I plan on starting a second business I’m going to check the calendar of national food holidays and make sure I don’t pick two that are within 2 weeks of each other.  This can only get messy.  Nothing can stop the powers that brie now so come out and enjoy this American holiday at Off the Grid: Fort Mason this Friday from 5-10pm.  As mentioned, we will be giving away a NEW CAR to one lucky fan to celebrate the launch of PB&JG and National Peanut Butter & Jelly day.


Weather is looking fine.  PB&K, Elvis, and Black Elvis are all waiting for you to order them.  See you then.

PS – Calendar for April will be up by the end of the day today (March 30th)

National Grilled Cheese Month will brie here soon.  Win a NEW CAR and a TRIP TO CHEESELANDIA (aka Tillamook outside Portland)!

You read that right.  Friday Grilled PB&JG is giving away a NEW CAR at Off the Grid: Fort Mason.  Each person who purchases a grilled PB&J will get a ticket and we will raffle away the NEW CAR at 10 PM that evening.  So mark your calendar and come down this Friday for some grilled dessert and drive away a winner!

This Sunday is also the kickoff of Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio which coincides with National Grilled Cheese Month.  To celebrate, I am giving away a trip for 2 to Portland, Oregon that includes a VIP tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  See how one of our favorite cheesemakers (and one of the 3 cheeses that make our Nationally winning Classic grilled cheese) makes that melty magic with a VIP tour and lunch of their main location in Tillamook, Oregon! Every customer who purchases a grilled cheese on Sunday April 10th will receive a raffle ticket that will be posted and announced here on National Grilled Cheese Day, Tuesday, April 12th.  Stay tuned for final prize info and as always…..May the Odds Brie Ever in your Flavor.

National Grilled Cheese Month


Easter Sunday comes.  Then Grilled Cheesus follows. 

This weekend you can get your chocolate bunny fix with the party happening at Ghirardelli Square in SF! (PS – Secret menu item is going to be AMAZING.  Check out that pic to get an idea of what is comin.

The following weekend is the LAUNCH of this year’s Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio and we are giving away a serious grand prize.  Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page for details this Sunday!

Chocolate Bunny

Ghirardelli Square Celebrates Easter with a Free Festive Event and the Launch of Ghirardelli Chocolate’s

First Ever Chocolate Easter Bunny

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) MARCH 16, 2016 — In celebration of Ghirardelli’s first ever Easter Bunny, the San Francisco born chocolatier, incorporated in 1852 and known for their rich chocolate heritage, is teaming up with Ghirardelli Square to throw an Easter Extravaganza in the West Plaza at Ghirardelli Square on Saturday, March 26 from 12pm to 4pm.

The event will feature Ghirardelli’s newest Easter traditions – a 3.5oz Hollow Chocolate Bunny, Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunny, and Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny and a host of free activities for kids of all ages.

  • Upon entry, children will be given bunny ears to wear as they hop around the Ghirardelli Square from face painting and balloon art to (temporary) Spring-themed tattoos!
  • “Secret”, Off-the-Menu Sundaes at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop
  • A Chocolate Bunny Statue by pastry chefs at CIA Greystone
  • DIY craft station where kids (of all ages) can create special Easter crafts

In addition, there will be surprise chocolate giveaways and prizes throughout the day and a visit from the Easter Bunny himself.  To learn more about Ghirardelli Square’s Easter Extravaganza and additional upcoming events, please visit or RSVP for the event on Facebook.

Will you BRIE mine?

Every Friday and Saturday starting March and April? Because that will be the place for find both of us “Guys”.

Grilled PB&JG EVERY Friday night starting March 4th, 2016 at Off the Grid: Fort Mason.

GrilledCheezGuy EVERY Sunday day starting April 3rd (?), 2016 at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio.

New local, artisanal, and downright f’in tasty food from us for both guys.

With the same old love and fun you have grown to expect and appreciate.

We love each and every customer we have ever had.  So brie ours in 2016.

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Grilled Cheese: The Joy of Life…..and Sex. 

If you are following the news stories lately then you might be thinking about all that sex I must be having.  Recent studies say that people who eat grilled cheese tend to be people who have more sex.  I’m going to say no comment other than I’m gay… duh.  If you having been slumping in the sack yourself then you know what you need to do.  Check out the calendar and come get a sandwich so you can get your sexy time on.

Speaking of sexy.  Joie de Vivre hotels just put us on their blog under “4 Ways to Eat Grilled Cheese” in SF.  Read the article and check out the pretty pictures of our Kelly’s Jammer from Off the Grid: Presidio.  We are working on finalizing the menu for this year and plan on rotating our types of grilled cheeses monthly.  That way you have something new to come back for each month! Until then, keep following the calendar to find out where we are next.  And remember…..grilled PG&JG has begun.  We are bringing the ingredients as a secret menu item at Faction each week.




On the 1st day of Cheesemas my true love sent to me….

A huge Thank You from me to thee!


Although these 12 days of Cheesemas will only capture a handful (Note: 12) of the people, places, and things that have made 2015 such a great year for me and the GrilledCheezGuy, a thank you is in order for each and everyone that has eaten with us, worked with us, hired us, invited us, tweeted us, yelped us, liked us, mentioned us, and blessed us with your presence in our cheesy lives.  I often tell happy customers that if we don’t hear “That was the best grilled cheese I have ever had in my entire life” with slight variation each event, we have not done our job.  And we almost always hear it.  Although incredible, much of it is thanks to the purveyors and people that make the amazing ingredients that I am able to source and serve.   The rest comes from an amazing staff and a scientific mind.

And yes.  There are a lot of people jumping on the Grilled Cheese bandwagon and we are not the only ones you have to choose from.  Most of them, however, are just “Bandits” trying to make a buck and serving things that appear to end up in more garbages than happy stomachs.  We here at GrilledCheezGuy have not taken the low road to your hungry heart.  Sure they say they are truly the American” Grilled Cheese but now more than ever we see a lot of Big Cheeses saying crazy things and calling themselves the best.  Too bad we end up TRUMPing the competition in the end* without spending our way to victory! This marauding grilled cheese maker still is one of the most “Sacred” when it comes to Wheels of cheese in these here parts.   MELTing away the competition is not something we strive to do either, it just happens. So we thank you for your loyal patronage and hope you will continue to support us as we move into new markets and new locations for you to enjoy us at.

So thank you to the mom who comes first thing every Sunday at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio and gets 2-4 grilled cheeses cut into strips for her kids.  Thank you to Santa Clause like man who walks around the Fox Theatre raving and ho-ho-hoing the heck out of how good our sandwich is.  Thank you to the wife who offered her husband for a make out session in return for the grilled cheese hookup at that one Public Works party.   Thank you to the woman who learned about Kelly’s Jelly at a Yelp event and then purchased a whole palette of it.   Thank you Acme bread man that I disrupt from making bread at least 3-4 time a week between the hours of 11PM  and 2AM to make walk through the bakery and open the door for me.  Thank you Creme Brulee guy worker whose first 2 thoughts every morning at OTG: Presidio was set up tent and get a grilled cheese sandwich.  Thank you  lady I met at an Oakland event and ended up being the cheese lady at Berkeley Bowl.  Thank you cute Nerd Nite SF boy who loves our grilled cheese and I secretly called my “work boyfriend” for a while and then I ran into at another event and met your actual boyfriend who was hella jealous.   Thank you to those who let us come in their kitchens and homes and warm the house and hearts with on site grilled cheese action.  Thank you dudes who used to eat our grilled cheese a lot at Drake’s Brewing and then followed us over to Faction and tell us how much their food sucks there and how much they miss us there too.  Thank you my “superfan” of Alameda who has me cater your one party a year but likes almost everything else I post year round!  Thank you gents that decided to do an art installation event at a motel and include us in your first event which was amazing.  Thank you lovers who had us celebrate your special day with a special grilled cheese (some a grilled cheese wedding cake!).  Thank you families that celebrated birthdays or babies and kids with us serving the adults mostly.  Thank you fans who come after their sandwiches to give us compliments, smiles, hugs, kisses, business cards, daps, and offers for marriage because they lost their minds after enjoying a grilled cheese.  Thank you vendors that traded food at me at every single event I have ever done.  Thank you bar tenders who trade drinks for food and make it possible that I sometimes drink and work and it’s a good thing.  Thank you hot DILF’s who show up at Off the Grid Presidio for being the ones who get in line to order grilled cheeses for your entire family.   Thank you girl in line at the Yelp Gay on the Bay event who told me who much she loved my writing and my blog and her boyfriend who concurred her appreciation.  Thank you all the customers who let us convince you that avocado (duh!) and habenero pepper jelly were some of the things that most DEFINITELY pair with a grilled cheese.   Thank you to the camera man and the librarian and the sound guys who regularly order from us and scarf it down during their short breaks.  Thank you to the people who found our pop-up hideout at Rickshaw and came regularly for lunch and tried make it happen with us.  Thank you to the people I see rocking our T-shirts in public.  And thank you to each and every single customer in between.

On this first day of Cheesemas, one final thank you I want to give is for all those who will take the next moment or two to ensure that you still receive the message of Cheesus Crust himself, the GrilledCheezGuy, via places like Facebook and Twitter.  Hover over the LIKE button on our Facebook page and make sure you click to see all our posts in your newsfeed and yadda yadda.  Maybe even choose “SEE FIRST”? You can not imagine how much it helps and how funny I am.  If you have joined the matrix that is the Twitterverse, then follow us there! Lastly, if you already are a fan and have never left us a review on Yelp or Roaming Hunger, then do it! Do it now! Although I really really don’t much care for yelping it does help attract business and that helps us grow and growing means more grilled cheese.

Come back tomorrow as we celebrate Day 2 of the 12 Days of Cheesemas with the GrilledCheezGuy.










*Although the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen received 1st place at the SoMa Street Food Park National Grilled Cheese day contest of 2015 and we received 2nd, the game was rigged.  According to anonymous sources the team at the AGCK spent over $20/sandwich** of the entry recipe to ensure that they won as they were afraid of the GrilledCheezGuy having that title in SF and having the loud mouth he has.  Unfortunately they also didn’t realize I would hear about this and be able to proudly say we won with a menu item we ACTUALLY SERVE and is ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE for all parties.  Next year we are considering putting $20 bills and a “Vote Us” note between two pieces of bread and calling it the “Take the Chedda” grilled cheese. 

**$20/sandwich might be innaccurate but if you click the link and see the ingredients then the guesstimation*** of $20 does not appear to be that inaccurate any longer.  The figure is probably close and a good guesstimate, nonetheless.  

***guesstimation is a guessing estimate, I guess. 














Stay tuned.  On Dec 14th I will be posting 12 stories, announcements, photo series, and other holiday treats leading up to Cheesemas.

We have a lot to be thankful for at GrilledCheezGuy and want to share some of the behind the scenes fun with you.  So come back everyday starting Dec 12th!



PS – A new name is coming as well.  I will not just be the brie area’s GrilledCheezGuy in 2016.   There is……….another…….guy.

July 15th, 2015

You are about to hear from me a whole lot more.   Whether that makes you squirm with glee or wonder how you even got here in the first place I could care less.  What I do care about is that our popularity is SOARING and we are trying to keep up with the demand.  Which is hard when you are one of the Best Food Trucks of SF (2011) and don’t have a food truck.  Or this new list.  The 18 Best Spots to Get a Grilled Cheese in San Francisco.   Read that list closely.   See a pattern?  Yeah.  All the other places are actually in San Francisco AND have a physical location.  We still are the very modular and very mobile meal that magically appears all over the place.  We are hoping to end this trek soon and find a permanent home in our birthplace of Oakland.   It is going to take a very serious crowd-funding campaign that is currently in the works.  In the meantime, always follow our Calendar to see where we are and stay tuned for upcoming Behind the Cart dinners with Galavant Events.   Hint: The Grexit is coming in September!

I’m also super happy with the success of the Condiment Club!  Glad you are enjoying all the artisan brands we have and encourage you to always seek them out and buy them.  Most of them are sold online and a few are at Bi-Rite.

Lastly, we aren’t sure how to make you all order more grilled peaches at Off the Grid because they truly are THE BEST THING WE ARE SERVING RIGHT NOW! It’s a healthier alternative to our grilled cheese and seasonal so come on down every Sunday and visit us for a delicious peach!

June 16, 2015

Sure I could talk about Tesla motors.  Or maybe how I made a friend at an event who turned about to be the Cheesemonger of Berkeley Bowl West.  MAYBE EVEN that time at Paws N Pints when I was taking a picture of all those happy customers and 2 girls shouted out how they missed me using bricks and have been fans for 5 years!

Nope, don’t have time.  One day I hope to tell the complete story in a novel-sized novel that you all can enjoy and digest.  Instead, how about a quick MADCap podcast that just came out that is a quick 5 minute interview with yours truly.  Click the link, turn up the volume, and hear a quick bit about me and the cheese life I lead.   A special thanks to Laura for interviewing me and hopefully becoming my friend in the future.  

May 27, 2015

After stumbling upon an article about 32 different sandwiches around the world I thought I had to check in and share this medley mouthful of different do’s on sammies.  All I can say is Portugal simmer down over there! Read up and eat up these 32 different sandwiches here.

Meanwhile, speaking of meats around the world I want to put in my mouth, the lovely people at Belcampo meat family are offering an all gay “Meat” course in August.  Can I forward it?  Fromage no!  Can I crowdfund it with all your help and in return share some juicy stories, photos, and details about life on the gay beef-cake ranch? Um yes.  Stay tuned for that GoFundMe to go live soon.

In the meantime, a quick shout out to our newest member of the Condiment Club coming all the way from the big city of NYC! The Super Spicy, Vegan, and regular Kimchi paste are quickly becoming the biggest hit to our free add-ons.  We have had so many requests about where to buy bottles that I am sharing them here! Still always ask as I do sometimes bring bottles to events to sell.

The one event you should not be missing this week is the Oakland Indie Awards! Always the best event in Oakland to both party and support all your favorite lOAKal vendors.  See you this Friday in the new location of Jack London Square. Check out my booth at the Oakland Indie Awards on May 29 from 6:30pm-9:30pm at Jack London Square! Celebrate and discover the businesses and artists who are doing great work for our community. Tix are only $10 in advance! Support your Indie community!

May 12, 2015

Just came across an email that said Sugarfoot Grits of La Cocina will be hosting an EatWith dinner and I had to share the news.   The dinner is in June but tickets are already on sale.  Her delicious southern style cookin is complimented well with her bold and beautiful personality.  I am fortunate enough to work next to her every Sunday at Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio so I know about both.  I also know I don’t write often but I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about some of the great underground events going on in the bay area.

From Naked Sushi happening last weekend to Barbarian Gourmet of Oakland’s up and coming May event there are a lot of underground options.  I still remember the giant turkey leg I enjoyed at her last dinner and am ready to go back and try again.  I

The yearly underground tradition of Outstanding in the Field has also already started if you don’t already know.  I have been as a patron and a server many, many times and enjoy the food and experience each time.  I won’t miss the secret sea cove of course but might go back and visit my favorite farmer and his food at Devil’s Gulch Ranch.

Until then, check out the calendar to find out where we are serving this month of May.

Visit me this Sunday May 17th at Off the Grid and say Happy Birthday.  I mean I’m working for you on my birthday it is the least you can do, right? And I might return the favor with a cool tank top gift.  (especially if you are a sexy dude.  just sayin.  #modelsandbottles)

April 22nd, 2o15

I stumbled across this wonderful guide to pairing cheese & wine.  Now if only all are events where BYOB or wine included!

Thanks for the tips Tasting Table!

Before you start the wine & cheesing though, you might want to know what knife you need for what.  Here is a great info graphic for choosing the right knife in the kitchen:


And if the party doesn’t finish all those fine cheeses and other bites here is the proper way to store things:

SOSP = Standard Operating Storage Procedures 


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  1. OMG says:

    OMG, everything looks amazing

  2. i like food which is made with cheez..


  4. Hi,

    Have you tried putting crushed dorritoes and avocado into the grilled cheese? It is a must-try, check out the full recipe on our blog and let us know what you think ! :)

  5. Lisa Shanks says:

    We’d love for you to check us out and be part of this years festival. If you are interested food vendor applications are on our website. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  6. GCG says:

    emailed you and called you! When are we doing this!

  7. King Lei says:


    My name is King Lei and I am the owner of Duboce Truck Stop and I am contacting you because we are launching a new event called “Popped Up” featuring Pop-Up Vendors every Saturday and Sunday. We have either say or hear that you are yourselves Pop Up Vendors and would like to know if you are interested in joining our event. Details will be given on your response.

    King Lei

  8. Ami says:

    I was wondering if you were to come out to our property if there is a minimum that you require.
    We are trying to get different food vendors out on the weekends for the summer.
    Please let me know.

    Ami Sair
    Estate Tasting Room Lead

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