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“Looking a Bit Pasties

Comfort food means many different things to many different people, but one element is the same across the globe; comfort food reminds you of home.  It’s time to give a little love to a Minneapolis food truck that’s offering a taste of home to our friends across the pond and the anglophiles among us.
Potter’s Pasties and Pies is offering the MN foodies some traditional UK options served up by an actual Brit. They have two trucks making the rounds and staking out territory, so twice the fresh hand pies will be making their way into the hands of hungry foot traffickers.

Do you even know what pasties are? For a long time I thought they were just a miniscule “clothing” item used by those of us in the skindustry. I was wrong. Who would need a food delivery service for such an illicit item? I couldn’t begin to guess and don’t want to try.

Real UK pasties are like Hot Pockets from the renaissance. Created as a way for farmers and workers to take a single serving of pie with them for lunch, pasties are a perfect food delivery method for busy folks on the move. They are traditionally made with minced meat, onions, carrots and gravy. That’s all wrapped up in a pie crust that the folks at Potter’s are very proud of. Building a crust that’s the perfect balance of flaky and durable is something to be proud of.






Potter’s Pasties offers many different filling variations to appeal to a wide variety of customer tastes and they are definitely doing a good job of it. If you’ve fallen in love with these ridiculously filling food items, rejoice. They offer catering to local events and parties. Minneapolis food delivery services that cater to the late night crowd should tremble. In the near future, Potter’s is going to be offering their tasty, alcohol absorbing food items for delivery in the Saint Paul and Macalester-Groveland area.”


And then there was that one time. When I got interviewed for that story. And then it went on Medium and everyone thought I was coooooooooo.

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Like our grilled cheese? Like wine? Like old cool places like the old SF Mint?
Use code: GIANTS40 for 40% off the party Thursday!

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Food stamps for farmer's market. Something I can support.

2 likes, 2 comments2 days ago

So we hung out with Tasting Table on a lovely Sunday afternoon in Woodside, CA for the #TheGreatMeltdown. Made lots of new fans and friends..

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Officially 2 weeks away from opening the doors in downtown SF. In the meantime, this popup declares "Let them eat cans!" as their mantra.

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It seems things got EXTRA toasty at The Mill SF last night. How much does a burned building cost there if toast is $4? :)

As long as Josey..

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A fan emailed me to ask where she can get a jar of our pickles. Oh memories....or not. Pickles on sale at the GCG popup coming Nov 4th to SF..

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Grilled morning. Having a sandwich and a beer with us at drake's brewery tonight?

Ya should.

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The cafe is coming along. Gluten free? No problem. Lunch in SF is coming. Nerd nite SF gets a preview.

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Don't go on 880 south. Major backup from truck accident.

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Today we serve the NERDS and the DORKS of the brie area.
Today we start to move into our new lunch spot in SF.
See you tonight dorkbot-SF &..

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This video you probably won't see of SFSFF is beautiful and also includes a blip of Grilled Cheese Dad.

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Local mid Market fans are excited tonight about our lunch cafe. Me too. Me too.

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Dear Superfans aka people who still see posts. Start spreading the word that our Secret Menu Item will be Cheesy Rangoons starting Nov 4th...

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Gouda Goda it's beautiful in SF today. Also blue Angels. Also new grilled cheese. Also boom.

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The place to be right now. Beautiful music weather and beer and us in Jingletown Oakland.

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Saturday Saturday Saturday. A new brewery comes to Town. See you from 5-9pm.

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We plan on being Bakesale Betty meets Soup Nazi in SF starting November. #CaliforniaGrillin

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It is coming.....Nov the Rickshaw Stop.

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While you watch American Horror Story, I'm creating writing My American Melty Menu.

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Oh you know our nacho cheese chips are a meal-o-lifetime.

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