2nd place in GCI Missionary. 3 trophies for 1 serious sandwich.

It has been a very exhausting whirlwind of a trip that had included tons of cheese and laughs, drinking and dancing, and winning and losing.   I learned a lot from the Karma Sutra and feel the Ballsy Boy did pretty damn good, considering it also went up against MTV’s Robert Dyrdek and his Glee club that came to compete.  I hear here really cared about grilled cheeses so mad props for that, but the rest of the show was a little too much for cheese-town.  That and he mysteriously got front and center for him and his chaotic club.  I actually got more of a chance to meet a lot of cool competitors, some I had even competed against in other cooking competitions like SF Food Wars.

Yet in the end it was the brick and his trick that took yet another trophy home to make 3 total trophies for this legendary sandwich.  (2 firsts and the 2nd place yesterday in Missionary)  Thank you all who voted for this sandwich and I hope to take some of the advice I heard out there about my sandwich and its serving so we can bring it back to the top next year.  But luckily I got 364 more days to not worry about that.   The Brick’s Trick did well and I will admit here and now that the man who beat me had a damn good grilled cheese (although if I mentioned the bread that beat mine……ppl would cry) and a damn good little cheese topping to go with it.

Beautiful day.  Major crowds.  Fun to compete against the MTV Glee Club.  Awesome grilled cheese fans.  Awesome after party.

1st heat should have waited until the crowds were in the pen before we started.  2nd row got shorted a bit.   Award ceremony hella rushed because of some announcements that should have gone AFTER.

Great job Tim, Tillamook, and all those volunteers and people that make this fun ass event possible for the cheese chefs of the USA to come and share our creations.  Thanks TT for teaching me the art, beauty, and simplicity of cooking.  Until next time, there is always the Oakland Art Mur …….. ..

2nd place Missionary Man.

Brick’s Trick Maker

3 time winning cheese champion (and 4 if 4th places count)

Michael D

(Ballsy Boy was still delicious and gained some serious followers.  Respeckt)







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