20 days of gigs.

Ok 17 but with prep included in between it was 20 days non-stop.  Private catering BONANZA.  As for public events, here is your list for the holiday season.  Come 2015, we will be making sure to display our full menus for all our locations and public events!  I am officially 6 months into being a full time small biz caterer and I can not be happier.  You are keeping us busy, happy, and helping support the local community.

Here are the remainder of events for December:

December 16th/17th – Rickshaw Stop 11-2pm Lunch.  Weekly special: Le Ham & Cheezy.               $2 pints & $10 grilled cheese + chips

December 19th – Drake’s Brewery 6-9(ish)pm Dinner. 

December 23rd/24th – Rickshaw Stop 11-2pm Lunch.  CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS          

December 30th/31st – Rickshaw Stop 11-2pm Lunch.  Weekly special: Le Frenchy                           $2 pints & $10 grilled cheese + chips

Grilled Cheez Guy Cafe opens in SF Nov. 4th – Free Grilled Cheese

The rumors are true.  My internet silence is because I have been wheeling and dealing in the background to try and find perm strongholds for us and our grilled cheeses.  Our first location is the Rickshaw Stop in mid-market SF.  A mere two blocks from the tech giants like Twitter, Square, and Uber, we hope to serve them and all the other hungry fans and that area every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11-3pm.  If demand is high we look forward to more days and hours!

To kick it off we are inviting everyone to come down to the cafe on Tuesday and get a FREE GRILLED CHEESE for lunch.  You can pick up a menu and check out our spot while heading out the door with a hot gooey grilled cheese in hand.  Spread the word and the cheesy love!





Permanent Pop Up Coming in SF! In the meantime…..

The rumors I have not started as rumors yet are true.  I’m establishing our first stronghold in the center of the tech city known as San Francisco and will have a date very soon (November).  We will be starting with 2 days a week lunch serve and expanding from there based on the response.  I am very excited to have a place to serve you and create fun cheesy dishes for you all on a weekly basis.

Before I start gearing up the GC machine for that giant promo (Free grilled cheese day???) I wanted to mention another friend who has perfected the pop-up in the bay area.  That would be Chef Peter Jackson of Canvas Underground who is hosting a piggy popup this Thursday.  You bet your bovine I will be there!

Full info below:

Pig Roast Dinner West Oakland Style

Pig Out Time

Pig Out Time

(Oakland, Calif. – September 25, 2014Boucherie Meats returns with a highly anticipated Pop Up Dinner

Series with a delicious Pig Roast on Thursday, September 25th at 7pm. This unique community dining experience will be a sharing of love for Pork and Oakland.  The pork-centric festivities will be held at RideSFO headquarters in West Oakland. Chef Peter Jackson, meat craftsman of Boucherie Meats, will roast a whole hog from Stone Valley Farm in a Caja China Box accompanied with a four course feast including roasted seasonal veggies, fresh corn polenta, and boca negra cake with berries. Pork lovers will have access to 3 dipping sauces: salsa verde, peach relish with chile morita, and a traditional Filipino lechon sauce.

Host, Phillip Segura, owner of RideSFO and organizer of SFBike Expo, will share his favorite craft brews and showcase the comedic styling’s of Hence Singleton.

Boucherie Meats specializes in handcrafted quality meats using sustainably and consciously grown hogs and produce. Fan favorites include coffee cured bacon, pancetta, guanciale as well as Louisiana style items like fresh andouille sausage, tasso and the traditional boudin. In addition to pop-up dinners, Boucherie Meats also offers classes and catering services for all types of events.

For more information, including tickets, visit us on Facebook, or at www.boucheriemeats.com

What: Boucherie Meats Pig Roast Dinner featured by RideSFO

When: Thursday, September 25, 7 p.m.- 10pm

Where: 3240 Peralta St. Oakland, CA 94608

Cost: $55 ticket, BYOB

Tickets at: http://www.boucheriemeats.com/product-category/popup-dinners/

The Elite Yelper’s Yelped us on the S.S. Yelp!

We attended the 10 year anniversary of Yelp on the Hornblower in SF.   If you were on the boat you would have seen me not grilling, but gambling and drinking the night away.  Needless to say I had a blast and apparently we had a lot of happy hungry fans enjoy our samples too!  I thought I would share some of our Yelp reviews we received since these probably will never be found by you or I otherwise.

We owe you a boat-load of thanks for making Yelp‘s Hornblower Sunset Cruise a 5-star affair! Your grilled cheese was a huge hit at the event, just read what the Yelpers said:
The grilled cheese sandwich had a long line but it was so worth it. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a grilled cheese sandwich as good as the one I sampled last night!” – Tina C
Memorable tastings included Peter’s tomato-basil kettle corn, Philz’ Ecstatic iced coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches, Vita Coco lattes, and those stroooong Wild Turkey manhattans!” – Regina N
TheGrilledCheezGuy 5/5:  I had the Veg or plain grilled cheese sandwich.  And plenty of them too!  Simply Wonderful with rich cheese flavor and grilled to perfection.  TheGrilledCheeseGuy was serving them 4 sandwiches at a time, because that’s all that would fit on the grill.  Even though the vessels power was barely enough to grill the sandwiches, they turned out perfect because of the tlc the young man spent making them.” – Patrick Y
Awwww shucks,

One week till GrilledCheezGuy at SF Street Food Festival!

That’s right people.  We promise to cook grilled cheeses equal or infinitely better than this Drunk Wife.  You never know though.

Come support us and the other beautiful vendors and people behind this final foodie event in the Mission.  It’s success means the show must move on!


“Nacho average grilled cheese” – $8

Grilled peaches – $3

Watermelon agua – $3

Also possibly a mascot.  Yup.

Cheesy News!

I got a few big announcements coming very soon.  In the meantime while I enjoy my first week off without any weekday catering gigs, how about enjoying some grilled cheese links?

PS – If you did not see our recipe scroll below to see how we make our “Le Frenchy“.

Grilled cheese: 5 sandwiches twist on the classic

When I was a kid, Mom never made grilled cheese sandwiches. As an Asian immigrant, they just weren’t in her repertoire. But now as an adult, I’m …
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Make grilled cheese sandwich on an actual grill

Perhaps the most disconcerting misnomer is this: Why do they call it a grilled cheese sandwich when it’s cooked in a pan on top of the stove?
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Goat Lady Dairy shares their best grilled cheese sandwich recipes! … We’re talking about a lunchtime favorite: The classic grilled cheese sandwich.
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Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese

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Grilled Cheese with Grilled Tomato Soup

… 6 inch sections, add 3 slices of smoked butterkase and 3 slices of sharp cheddar, butter each side and add to hot grillGrill until cheese is melted.
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Amy Wallace column: Find best grilled cheese in Wisconsin

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The grilled cheese, served on a homemade biscuit, looks nothing like the virtual grilled cheese, but we won’t complain. It’s an easy, cheesy fix (and …
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NBC Southern California
Weekend: LA Street Food Fest

The Grilled Cheese Truck, and several other savory and sweet SoCal favorites, will pull into the Rose Bowl for the LA Street Food Fest on Saturday, …
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Former NATO Commander Gets Behind Food Trucks

… NATO Commander Gets Behind Food Trucks. The Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. recruits U.S. General Wesley Clark to sign on veterans as franchisees.
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WTAE Pittsburgh
Pirates take Grilli out of closer role

Pirates closer Jason Grilli serves grilled cheese sandwiches at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in honor of National Grilled Cheese …
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Girl’d Cheese

Grilled Cheese Social ⋅ MacKenzie Smith
It’s really weird to think that my love of the grilled cheese sandwich has helped launch a legit career for myself. Sheesh, it actually blows my mind.
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Use It Up: Strawberry Jam Grilled Cheese

Savvy Eats ⋅ Julie
Jam grilled cheese is one of my favorite easy ways to use my preserves. This week, I’m playing with putting the grilled cheese in my waffle iron to cook.
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Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese Recipe

BlogChef.net ⋅ Bobby
The flavors of chicken, bacon and ranch go great on a grilled cheese sandwich. This grilled cheese is so tasty and easy to prepare, you may want to …
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Congee and Chinese Donuts: Richmond’s Answer to Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

365 Days of Dining ⋅ Ethan365
Congee and Chinese Donuts are the perfect compliment to one another. Richmond boasts some of the best congee around.
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Tomato and Avocado

I made this Avocado, Tomato and Pepperjack Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday and it was delish! I had some mashed up avocado and a tomato …
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Grilled Cheese with Baby Spinach

Grilled Cheese with Baby Spinach. Ooey gooey, hot melted cheese, fried up with lots of butter on whole grain seeded bread. Let’s not forget the mayo.
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Garlic Bread Cheese Toastie (Grilled Cheese)

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Asparagus Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Kusina Master Recipes ⋅ Kusina Master Recipes
Ingredients: 6-8 stalk asparagus (trimmed and cleaned) 1 tablespoon olive oil salt and pepper to taste 2 teaspoons grainy mustard 1 slice oka cheese …
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Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Pamela Jay Gottfried ⋅ Pamela Gottfried
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup. “Do you think that, as a rabbi, you are forced to fake your feelings more than other people?” We were sitting at lunch, …
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Hawaiian Grilled Cheese. Recipe on www.fitndfood.com · Newer Post Home Older Post. Powered by Blogger. Copyright © 2012 Bonjour Healthy …
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The grilled-cheese hot dog, and 5 more amazing minor league ballpark foods

The Round Rock Express offer a hot dog wrapped in a grilled cheese. That should really be all you need to know about the current Food Fight leader, …
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Three cheese blend of aged white cheddar, yellow cheddar and mozzarella cheese served on a hearty multigrain bread …
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White Pizza Grilled Cheese

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Crispy Zucchini Grilled Cheese with Dijon Horseradish Aioli

Crispy Zucchini Grilled Cheese with Dijon Horseradish Aioli I howsweeteats.com | See more about grilled cheeses and zucchini.
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campfire grilled cheese

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The Must not Miss Swiss Recipe

One month ago I left my career and title as Scientist II (Level 2) to go full time GrilledCheezGuy IX (Level 9).  What the levels mean I’m not sure, the Swiss company I worked for started it.  I figured I could open more doors with each level or something but it didn’t quite work out that way.  My nine levels of GrilledCheezGuy, however, do have a purpose and meaning.  They each represent my nine national trophies.  With each cheesy conquering I became a better grilled cheese master and know I’m out on my own grilling the globe.

What I didn’t realize is that the very part of the globe I just walked away from wasn’t finished with me.  It seems the Swiss wanted to offer me one more door to open…..and store up to 21 bottles of wine in my VERY OWN NEW WINE FRIDGE! MICHAEL COME ON DOWN!!!!!!

Tis fate by the powers that brie themselves that I was chosen by Emmi cheese company to share a winning recipe using their cheese.   For Emmi has been one of my secret weapons in one of my most popular sandwiches for a while now.  The blog title is a little deceiving in that we are not using a Swiss cheese but actually there wonderful gruyere cheese!  It has been a staple part of our sandwich known as the Le Frenchy.  An edible homage to my french heritage melted into a cheesy culinary creation.   The sandwich is a deconstructed french onion soup that is loved by fans all over the brie area and now I have been asked to show and share this very recipe with the world, because I know the world is ready.  Just as ready as I am to have a wine fridge and not a garage sale fish wine rack that drops bottles once every three or four months.

Cheers and enjoy dear readers and judges for the Emmi cheese company as you learn the secret behind one of our most popular grilled cheeses.

The Le Frenchy (french-EEEEE)

photo 3

Bread – Best local levain you can find.  Seriously.

Butter – Best european salted butter you can find.  or churn.  Seriously. (1-2 pallets)

Cheese – Emmi’s Emmentaler AOC and Le Gruyere cheeses (1.75 oz of each), mozzarella (fresh 1.5 oz)

Extra’s – Caramelized onions (3.5 oz)

Equipment – Cuisinart’s GRIDDLER, brick.

The first thing you are wondering is why it says brick under equipment.  I mean the GRIDDLER is already a panini pro, right?  True.  But I still wanted to use our cooking technique so we chose to use the griddle side of the GRIDDLER combined with our brick.  Any brick will do but make sure it fits your pan and you clean it and wrap it well in tin foil for this process.  Here is the beauty of a brick we used in cooking this sandwich:

photo 3

The next steps involve preparing and stacking your sandwich for grilling.  Make sure to cut nice and thick pieces of bread so that they can absorb the butter and fats while being grilled.  When starting to stack the inside, the order matters greatly in grilled cheese making as there are certain cheeses you want to be near the outside and certain foods you don’t want to grill as much.  For the Le Frenchy, I put the mozzarella ( ~1.5 oz) on both sides of the bread and then both of the EMMI cheeses (1.75 oz of each) followed by the beautifully caramelized onions (3.5 oz).

If you are not an expert at the Maillard reaction yet then buy a bag of onions and start practicing.  Most people tend to not cook at a high enough heat and for not enough time leading to not perfect caramelized masterpieces like the one’s seen in the following pictures.

Once you have your sandwich stacked properly close it together and then give it a firm press down.  I like to pretend we give a little CPR to each of our sandwiches when making them, mostly to keep everything in place, and a little bit to give a little extra life to each one.

photo 4 photo 1 Le Frency

Once you have the grill on a nice medium-high heat you can butter the GRIDDLER and not the sandwich!  This is oh so important in getting an even grill across the bread and not just having patches of butter here and there.  Apply the brick and press hard on the sandwich.  I let each side cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side making sure to butter when you flip.   The result is a perfect golden brown beauty.  The cheese was perfectly melted and you can see a nice dark golden layer of onions in the center.  The sandwich is big, wholesome, and has the nice sharp and perfect gruyere flavor with a little extra stringy action going on from the mozzarella.  It takes a classic traditional soup and turns it into a portable plate that you can enjoy anywhere!

photo 4

So grill up and enjoy this European classic made with an American twist.  I’m proud to say we have been using the EMMI cheese line for our Le Frenchy since it’s creation and I hope you enjoy it your home too!




EXTRA CREDIT:  Next time make this with an actual onion vegetable soup broth and serve it as a dipping “au jus” for the sandwich! 



Vote or Pie! Local People Need Your Vote!


Santipapas or Brown Dog Mustard or Kama Food Labs?

Why does everyone I love and recently met in the food scene suddenly enter the same contest? Only Cheesus Crust himself knows that answer.

In the meantime, take a moment to cast your vote and help one of these amazing vendors get a grant from Whole Foods! This one is a tough call for me.  I literally eat a whole jar of that red salsa in one sitting…..and it’s pretty hot.  The mustard is some of the best I have ever had and has been pairing so well with our grilled cheeses.  Then closing out the trio we have Kama Food Lab, a brand new small business that just so happens to be working right next to me at Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio.  They also JUST SO HAPPEN to do a lot of Indian fusion stuff and it JUST SO HAPPENS if you follow me you know that I am a true addict.  I have told him to keep me a sandwich everyday from now on.  (Hope he reads this.)


UPDATE: As I was writing this I notice that depending on the link there are different groups going up against each other.  In some situations my favorite three were not competing.  Thank the Hunger Games!  Vote for all 3!

Vote for Santipapas here!

Vote for Brown Dog Mustard here! Or Kama Food Lab!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!

Hungry_Games TEES2 (1)

This is a big National Grilled Cheese month for us America.

We have been called in for the final Grilled Cheese Invitational.

The final battle of the butters, cheeses, and breads.

In honor of four years fighting to win 9 total trophies,

we are asking this year for you to help sponsor us as Tribute.

Tributes of District 510 Oakland, and all of America.

So enjoy my film the Hungry Games and the donate to our Indiegogo!

Get a grilled cheese coupon! Get a spatula! Get our newest shirt!  

Get us moving towards LA and grilled cheese victory!